Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

In the latest test build of Windows 10 (build 14316), Microsoft introduced Ubuntu userland as a windows exe. This means you can apt-get anything in ubuntu’s repositories and PPAs right from windows! This is actually pretty cool.

More background can be found at

Join Windows Insider

  1. Goto windows update settings, click on Advanced options

  2. Join the Windows Insider program

  3. After your account is linked, change your Insider level to Fast

    • I rebooted after this and had to wait about 10 minutes
  4. Goto Insider hub (windows key -> “insider”)

    • Goto your account settings -> devices

    • Click update build (if its not available just wait a few more mins)

Install Ubuntu

  1. After you have the new windows build, launch programs and features

    • windows key -> “windows features”
  2. Check “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)

  3. Launch bash (windows key -> “bash”)

  4. Hit y to install Ubuntu

  5. windows key -> “bash” will now give you bash on ubuntu… on windows

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James Olds
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